Who Can Help - Caltech Offices

Please contact the departments below for assistance:

Topic Area Office Contact
International collaborations
reporting to sponsors Sponsored Research sponsored.research@caltech.edu
export controls check Export Compliance exportcompliance@caltech.edu
shipping and receiving materials - export/import guidance Export Compliance - Shipments exportcompliance@caltech.edu
shipping and receiving materials - hazardous/biological/chemical Environment, Health & Safety safety@caltech.edu
shipping and receiving materials - material transfer agreements Material Transfer Agreements mta@caltech.edu
Appointments at other institutions Contact your Division Chair for approval prior to appointment
foreign influence review and approval Research Compliance orc@caltech.edu
Gifts from international donors Advancement and Alumni Relations give@caltech.edu
Grant applications
meeting federal requirements Sponsored Research sponsored.research@caltech.edu
disclosure of outside activities to Caltech Research Compliance/Conflicts of Interest and Commitment caltechcoi@caltech.edu
International students and scholars at Caltech and JPL International Offices iss@caltech.edu, isp@caltech.edu, visa@jpl.nasa.gov
International travel Export Compliance - Travel exportcompliance@caltech.edu
check for State Department travel restrictions Travel.state.gov exportcompliance@caltech.edu
travel advisory for international scholars Export Compliance - Travel for International Scholars exportcompliance@caltech.edu
foreign travel guidelines for electronic devices, data, and presentations Export Compliance - Travel Guidelines exportcompliance@caltech.edu
U.S. entry and inspection International Offices - entering U.S.
Ownership and management of intellectual property Technology Transfer and Corporate Partnerships innovation@caltech.edu