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Controlled Substances and Chemical Precursors

The Controlled Substances and Chemical Precursors Program was created to allow for the use in research of drugs that have the potential for abuse and addiction. It is designed to comply fully with all applicable federal and state laws and regulations concerning the registration, procurement, inventory, storage, record keeping, use, and disposal of controlled substances and chemical precursors. Controlled substances are those drugs and other substances included in Schedules II – V of the Controlled Substances Act, 21 U.S.C. sec. 801 et seq. Chemical precursors are any substance listed under California Health and Safety Code sec. 11100 et seq.

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Using Controlled Substances on Campus

Principal Investigators must register with a Central Controlled Substance Custodian to be permitted to use controlled substances in their lab. Please read the Controlled Substances Institute Procedure for more details.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Controlled Substances are a specific class of chemicals which are administered through the Drug Enforcement Agency. There are 5 schedules of chemicals. If you intend to use any of the chemicals from Schedules II, III, IV, or V, you will need to obtain approval from the IACUC for your protocol prior to placing a request for a controlled substance.

For more information about the schedules, please go to the following website:

If you do not have an IACUC Protocol Authorization Number, you will need to have your request authorized by the Chair of your Division and then file a registration with the Central Controlled Substances Custodian (CCSC). For further assistance, contact the CCSC.

For all Schedule I controlled substances, you must file a separate registration with the DEA in addition to having your protocol approved by the IACUC.

If you are an Authorized Person, you may place your request through TechMart. If you are unable to access the request form, ask your CCSC for more assistance.

Please download and fill out the form on this website and email it to the Central Controlled Substances Custodian. EHS -, OLAR -

Once you have made a controlled substance request, we will verify that the controlled substance is approved under your protocol IACUC or that you have Division approval, and if so, we will place the order for you. All orders of controlled substances are delivered to the CCSC.

As the controlled substances arrive, your CCSC will arrange for the distribution of the controlled substance with the requesting Laboratory Controlled Substances Custodian (LCSC). We will provide you with a Unified Distribution, Transfer, and Disposal (UDTD) Form that will need to be kept in the lab with the material until you are ready to dispose of the container.

When you are ready to dispose of a controlled substance, please contact your assigned CCSC and we will make arrangements with you regarding disposal.